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It’s been two weeks since my holiday in Florence Tuscany and I already feel as though I need to go on another one. That is how much fun I had and how much I want to go back. I spent 5 days in Tuscany and stayed in two amazing hotels during that time. This blog post is a review of the first hotel which I stayed in, Ad Astra.


Ad Astra is a family owned hotel located in the heart of Florence, in the area known as Campuccio. The hotel enclosed within within a wall, forms part of the remains of the fortifications built in the 1500’s to defend Florence against attack from Siena.

The layout and design of the hotel reminded me of the houses in the Pride and Predujice movie, there was something very hisotrical about it.

The Premium Room – A standalone mini cottage in the gardens

On our first night we stayed in one of the premium rooms located in an exclusive standalone cottage in the beautiful gardens of Torrigiani. One of the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful design of the room; the bathtub and the wall art,  every item was strategically placed to create beautiful picture.


The room came with all the usual amenities, TV, a mini bar, a tea and coffee station etc. It also had fluorescent lamps stationed around the room which gave it a very cosy vibe.

The bathroom wasn’t particularly big but it was bright and cosy, and also had several mirrors – my favourite feature. The room had a vintage vibe, I loved it.


Outside the lodge was a lovely sitting area where the guests could relax and enjoy the beautiful garden view.

The Superior Room

Our second room was one of the Ad Astra’s Superior rooms and was located on the 2nd floor of the main building. Just like the first one, the décor in the room was incredible. The turquoise hue gave the entire room a modern, crisp and refreshing feel.  Most hotel rooms are designed with neutral-ish tones but somehow this rich turquoise tone worked; it gave the room some character.

This gorgeous reflective bathtub was without a doubt my favourite thing about this room; who knew a bathtub could rack in such interest. I still find it odd that to have a bathtub in the bedroom, but I couldn’t help to admire its design; so much such that I just had to take a bunch of goofy pictures in it.

Each time I saw the bathtub in the room, I couldn’t help but think how suited this room would be for honeymooners or a romantic stay. Both rooms had the ‘bathtub in bedroom’ feature, I wonder whether it is an Italy thing, still, it is an interesting concept.

Just like the the bathroom in Premium room, the ensuite bathroom in the Superior room was extremely beautiful. I think it was the colour and design of the bathroom tiles that did it for me. Once again, it tied in with the turquoise theme of the entire room.



A Breakfast buffet was served between on the second floor of the main building between 8am and 10am. It featured a simple selection of popular breakfast delights, ranging from savoury to sweet treats.

The breakfast tables were set in the lounge and the balcony that overlooked the beautiful gardens. Watching the sunrise whilst enjoying my cappucino was such a fulfilling experience. The birds singing, the mild wind blowing and  the morning garden scent reminded me about the imporatance of enjoying the simple things in life.

The Lounge

Although the gardens were beautiful, my favourite part of the hotel was the hotel lounge. There is something very homely and cosy about it; I also loved coming here in the evening to read and edit my blog. The dim lights, book selections, comfortable couches and arm chairs all created this zen atmosphere. It was just perfect for a relaxing evening. The hotel also provided some complimentary tea, coffee and sweat treats (cakes, biscuits etc) in the lounge for the guests to enjoy.

The Balcony

Ad Astra has a huge balcony with a beautiful sitting area and an amazing view of the garden. Another beautiful area to relax and enjoy the weather, particularly during the warmer months.




The Secret Gardens

The hotel gardens is an extension of the famous Torrigiani gardens, also known as the hidden gem of Florence. It the largest privately owned garden in Europe built within city boundaries and has nearly seventeen acres hidden in the heart of Florence. Renowned in the sixteenth century as a botanical garden, the garden was revived in the early nineteenth century. It was transformed into a ‘romantic park’ mimicking the English styled parks which were the fashion at the time. In the garden sits a neo-gothic tower designed by the Gaetano Baccani, the architect-engineer known for designing the bell tower of the Basilica of Santa Croce located in the city of Florence.


Torrigiani tower can be seen from the balcony and grounds of the hotel. The tower is also home to Torrigiani’s private observatory and houses a number of astromical instruments. It also displays the Torrigiani coat of arms.


Today, the garden is still well known for it’s botanical features including a remarkable wealth of trees and plants from all over the globe as well as its green houses and the covered lemon houses. Guided tours of the garden are available via reservation. The descendants of Pietro Torrigiani, the Torrigiani Malaspina and Torrigiani di Santa Cristina, still own and live in the property. They are committed to maintaining and preserving its history.

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  1. Angela
    10 months ago

    That is one beautiful hotel! I’m off to Florence in June and I am so excited! I’ve never visited Italy, so it will be quite the experience. Thanks for sharing your stay at this hotel, it sure is beautiful!

    xx Angela

    1. The Work Flare
      10 months ago

      Hello Angela, thank you for stopping by. Florence was incredible, next week I will be another post about what I got up in Florence. Hopefully if anything interests you, you can add it to your list of things to do in Florence. Italy is so beautiful, I hope you have a blast 🙂 xx


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