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Is afternoon tea pretentious?

When I told my friend that I was spending my bank holiday afternoon catching up friends over afternoon tea, his response was “pretentious”. He felt as though people who go for afternoon tea are trying to be seen as part of the upper class. Granted this concept was first introduced in England by the seventh duchess of Bedford, Anna. However, modern day afternoon tea is enjoyed by people from different works of life and classes.

I like having afternoon tea; personally just a different type meal to have. Sometimes I am in the mood for sushi or steak and other times I just want some scones and tea. It varies in price and selection depending on where you go, you could have it as cheap as £15. Typically, you get what you pay for.

Restaurant Review

The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Four Seasons Hotel at Trinity square. It was quite spacious and sectioned off from the seating area in the hall as you go past the first set of doors. One of the first thing I noticed was the high ceiling; there is something majestic about rooms with high ceilings.


Afternoon tea at the Four Seasons was incredible; we started off with a glass of champagne and cocktail. At the time, they offered a chocolate themed afternoon tea selection. If you dislike or are allergic to chocolate then I would not recommend trying this out. However to all my chocolate lovers out there, this is a ‘must have’. The Four Seasons had a unique selection of green, black and herbal infusion teas to choose from. Some of which are sourced from different parts of the world as depicted at the back of their plates.

The dotted lines represent the routes and the places from where the teas are sourced

“To all my chocolate lovers out there, this is a ‘must have’ “

The service was one of the best I have ever experienced; based on my interest, the waitress was kind enough to make some tea recommendations.

A savoury selection with hint of chocolate

Cornish Manuka herbal infusion tea

Sweet treats (macaronos, pudding, cakes) , Scones, Clotted cream and dips (strawberry, chocolate) 

Delicious chocolate scones with nuts

The ambiance was generally calm and relaxing. The next best part of the whole experience, second to the amazing food of course, was the live jazz band. I was pleasantly surprised, the lead singer had a such an amazing voice. His group performed a number of the classics including one of my favourite songs of all time – Love and Happiness by Al Green.


In conclusion, I will definitely recommend the Four Seasons for a good relaxing afternoon tea.  Their current chocolate theme is worth a try. I am not particularly a fan of chocolate and so I was a bit worried, however it was not overwhelming. The balance was just right as some of the food, particularly the savoury selection, had just a hint of chocolate. The tea selection also provided a good balance  I suggest going during the weekend in the late afternoon so that you can catch the live band. Although this  chocolate theme was an Easter period special, I would still recommend trying out their regular option in case you miss the chocolate afternoon tea.





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