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The four seasons hotel in Budapest is truly a beauty. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the gorgeous chandelier. This was no ordinary work of art; it was made from what seemed to be glass crystals shaped into leaves which hung gracefully from the ceiling. This feeling of wonder continued as I traced the crystal leaves to the gorgeous geometric glass ceiling. It was indeed a sight for sore eyes.

We had a very warm reception from the hotel staff. They were kind enough to show us to our room and explained where we could find everything in the room.

Hotel room

We stayed in one of the four seasons river view rooms with a balcony. I love hotel rooms with balconies, there is something so romantic and sweet about it particularly if the view is incredible. We had a view of bridge and the castle. My only disappointment was that you could not get a clear view of the river, however the view of the garden was pleasant. Our room was on the 1st floor, I’d imagine that similar rooms on the 3rd or 4th floor probably had a better view of of the river.

The room was very pretty and homely; it had the usual amenities – coffee, bar, TV, etc.

The best part of this room was the bed, I don’t think I ever once sat on the chairs at all. The bed was so soft and cosy, this was arguably the best bed I have ever laid on. I was so tempted to ask the hotel staff where they got their mattress and pillows from but I had to resist the urge. Although thinking back now, I probably should have asked. 🙂



The bathroom was beautifully designed and featured what seemed to be brown marble with white streaks. I was always late for an activity and never had the chance to use the bathtub. Still, I enjoyed using the shower as it was quite spacious and had 3 different settings – normal, low (tunneled flow) and massage. Now you may be wondering why shower settings is something to be excited about, but I’ll tell you, when you don’t want to get your hair wet, you’d find that having the shower settings on low on can make the job a whole lot easier.  I have to say, on my last few trips I have been very impressed with the layout and design of the bathrooms and this one was no different.


The Restaurant

Kollaz was the main dining area, there was something vintage about the set up of the restaurant. It reminded me of a posh restaurant on a cruise ship (at least from what I see in the movies). Bottles of wine were stacked up to create what seemed to be a wall separation between seating sections. The bar area was beautifully set up and the doors leading to kitchen were camouflaged by mirrors.


The breakfast selection at the four seasons hotel was lovely. It featured a good range of sweet and savoury delights. My favourite pickings from the selection were the scrambled eggs, black berries and blue berries. The berries were so mouth-watering, I was very tempted to ask where they came from; honestly I could eat them all day long.


Lately whenever I go out, I struggle to decide what I want to eat. I find myself asking the waiter to recommend something on the menu. I don’t think I would stop anytime soon as all the food recommendations thus far have been incredible. The second night at the hotel was no different. After having a glance at the menu, I just couldn’t decide what to go for, steak was always my first choice as it was a safe bet, but then again the duck , if done properly, could be a real winner.

I don’t normally order chicken in a restaurant (except in Nandos of course) but I had been impressed by the local chicken dish recommended at a restaurant I visited earlier that day; I was feeling lucky again. Needless to say I was crazy about my suggested sirloin steak and roast vegetables. I don’t normally order roasted vegetables at a restaurant, simply because they are sometimes quite soggy or too burnt. I was pleasantly surprise as these vegetables were roasted perfectly and the selection balanced each other out so well.


The Hotel has several seating areas on the reception floor; during afternoon tea, a pianist would serenade the hotel’s guest with what sounded like classical tunes.

Spa and Gym

One of my favourite features about this hotel is the Spa. It has a pool, hot tub/jacuzzi, sauna, steam room and a gym. The Spa layout and design was beautifully done and had a warm cozy feeling to it. It is arguably one of the best hotel spa’s I have ever been to. The hotel provided it’s guest with a pair of slippers, robe and towels. Guests of the facility were offered complimentary snacks and drinks.

The only thing I wasn’t really fond of was the fact that the pool was open to the general public. We wanted to have a quiet afternoon swim but the pool area was busy and there were a lot of children.  It was great that the spa was open till 10pm, we  returned around 8:30pm and behold no one was there. It worked out perfectly for us because we had the whole area to ourselves. From the detoxification of the body in the steam room to the warm massage in the hot tub jacuzzi, it was delightful way to end the night.

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