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Thinking of going for an early spring holiday and not sure what to pack? Depending on where you live, the start of Spring can be a bit of strange one. Some days are relatively cool and wet whilst others are borderline summer. Honestly, it can be a bit of a drag planning for an early spring holiday in Europe. But not to worry, in this blog post I share with you my capsule wardrobe for an early spring holiday and how I put it together. Oh, and seeing as I have a thing for all things fashionable, the pieces selected are part of the 2017 summer/spring trend.

I just came back from the most amazing holiday ever, OK, so I probably say this about all my holidays but that is only because they are all so good. This is my second holiday of the year and needless to say it went perfectly well.

Spring has sprung and what better way to start the season than to go on a relaxing holiday. Now if you have been following me for some time, then you’d know that I take my holidays very seriously. Everything is planned from the outfits to the activities we that I take part in, including exploring luxury hotels and places within the area. This holiday was no different.



The Jumper Dress


The best outfits are the ones that have both function and fashion features. A function and fashion piece is a clothing item that can serve a particularly purpose e.g. keep you warm, and is fashionable at the same time.

What drew me to this Missguided beauty were the over-the-top sleeves. The statement sleeves are huge this season – bell sleeves, over-sized sleeves, cut outs etc are all part trend. Not only are these misguided sleeves massive and super long, but they also feature ties at the end of the sleeves which can be used to tie a knot. I also love the colour and cut of the dress particularly the demi-turtle neck cut which is somewhat unusual.

This jumper dress covers all the right places (body, neck and arms), providing the correct amount of warmth needed. It is warm but not too warm. I generally find that I can get away with some leg exposure in 17 degrees’ Celsius weather. This was particularly true because my upper body was completely covered and if it got a bit chilly, then I had my H&M faux leather jacket.

Now if you tend to feel cold quite easily then a perfect alternative to this mini jumper dress will be full length jumper dress and a leather jacket.

We spent most of our day exploring Florence’s town centre and did a lot of walking around – another reason why I didn’t need the jacket. It was imperative that I wore something comfortable and my trusted Nike internationalist provided the perfect support.






The Playsuit

This black playsuit is one of my best buys from Asos. I have always struggled to find playsuits that are not too short and fit perfectly. The playsuit does just that, the fabric is light and hugs you in all the right places. I packed this along for those days that turn out to be warmer than usual. During the early days of spring (particularly in some parts of Europe) there is always a chance of the odd ‘pretentious summer day’.


I paired this playsuit with my edgy denim jacket which I picked up from Romwe a couple of years ago, I particularly like the vintage feel which the jacket exudes. Fitting right into the denim trend, this jacket features cool design, patch work and embroidery. This is a statement piece that would stand the test of time.

Off the shoulder crop + Embroidery jeans

This was my favourite day outfit during this trip, seriously what is not to like?


I am so in love with this crop jumper from missguided. It is from the recent collaboration with Missguided and the well-known fashion model and socialite Jourdan Dunn. I have a thing for statement sleeves; these are quite long and puff out just around the cuff area. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the jumper. It is a bit pricier than some of Missguided’s pieces, but considering that it is from a collaboration with a celebrity, I would say it is a pretty good bargain.

The embroidery trend has been around since last autumn and I couldn’t believe that I had nothing to show for. I like the embroidery on this jean because it is quite subtle. I wanted a style that I could still wear after the embroidery trend was over and so this fitted the bill.




The Pink BodySuit

Here is another beautiful piece from the Missguided x Jourdan Dunn collection. Honestly, I didn’t plan to get another item from this collection. I usually buy one item from a celebrity collaboration with a store only because they can be a bit overpriced. However just like the cropped jumped, the quality of this bodysuit completely exceeded my expectations; I just had to keep it.

The sports luxe trend was a recurring theme in my holiday capsule wardrobe. And speaking of trends, blush pink is definitely making a comeback this season. This hooded bodysuit came in two colours – grey and pink, whilst grey is my favourite colour, I just had to jump on the pink band wagon. Surprisingly enough the fitting was perfect, I usually buy my bodysuit from the tall sections but I decided to take a change on this one and it paid off.

I paired this with another embroidery jeans, this one is from Zara. I didn’t plan to buy two embroidery jeans but after trying it on in the store, I couldn’t resist. Plus, it was a sale for only £14.99, seriously it was practically begging me own it. On a serious note, the baggy and low-rise style of the jeans was what sold it for me. I kinda liked the hip exposure look, and that could only be achieved with a low-rise jean.


The Maxi dress

What is a holiday without a maxi dress? Maxi dresses always seem to be a holiday staple particularly for those warm-ish holidays

Knowing what temperatures to expect is always useful in deciding what maxi dress you’d like to take along your trip. The weather was on the cool side and so I opted to take this gorgeous African print maxi dress. It is nicely made featuring a number of layers underneath it and a pocket on either side. The multiple layers on the dress provides that extra warmth required. A cropped black blazer would have been a perfect addition to the outfit to keep the shoulders warm.

For a warmer weather, a lighter maxi dress will be the better alternative.

I was lucky to have something that suited the weather. This maxi dress was gifted to me in 2006 by one of my closest friend. I was scavenging through my suitcase trying to figure out what I hadn’t worn in ages and there it was. I knew being a bit of a hoarder will one day pay off  😀





Gingham Girl

Earlier on in the post I told you about my favourite day time outfit, well, this ensemble is my my favourite night time outfit.

I first spotted this top on YouTuber Patricia Bright and I knew I needed it in my life. The Gingham trend is one of those trends that resurfaces every couple of years. It is such a classic print, it is no wonder that a design combination with the off-the-shoulder cut would yield such beautiful piece.

I decided to be a bit of a dare devil and opted for this beautiful white super high waist trouser from Zara. I purchased this trouser in the January sale from Zara and I remember asking myself when I will ever wear this; little did I know it would come in handy sooner that I thought. The cut of this trouser is perfect and accentuates my curves in a flattering way.

I am 5’8 and as you can see the trouser is still quite long, luckily we had dinner at the hotel so I didn’t have to worry about getting the ends of the trousers dirty.

To add a pop of colour to the ensemble, I paired it with my ever-so-comfortable pair of red heels from Zara.



Lace and Frills

This was the last night of our holidays and although I had started feeling ill, I still had to end the holiday with a BANG. We spent the night at the hotel’s bar drinking cocktails and just having a great time.

I loved the white, black and red combo in the previous outfit so much that I decided to create another one. This look is so elegant and perfect for those days when you just want to relax and have some fun.

The showstopper must be the top, I love the black detailing on the collar and how it links perfectly to the buttons. As if that wasn’t enough, the top is completely made of this crochet fabric with short frills/ruffles on either side on of the sleeves. The ruffle trend is arguably the biggest trend this season. True Decadence has never been one of my sought-after brands, but after a piece like this, they have my attention.

Every girl needs at least one flirty/playful mini skirt in their closet and this is one of mine. I picked this one up from Banana Republic a few seasons ago and each time I wear it, I get the occasional looks of admiration. This night was no different.





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