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Picking an outfit for this trip was not an easy task. I cannot remember the last time I went on vacation and didn’t carry a luggage in the hold. I always over pack, that is how I ensure that I have other options incase I can change my mind. However on this particular trip I wanted to challenge myself and only take what I needed.

Day 1

We arrived Budapest in the late afternoon and made our way the Hotel to get freshen up. The hotel was so beautiful and cosy, it felt like home – read my review on the Four Seasons Hotel here. Our activity for the evening was to explore Budapest at night. My plan was to wear something sexy enough for a nice night out but comfortable as there would be a bit of walking around. So I opted for my trusted A-line teal dress, a blazer in case it got chilly and a pair of flats in which I can walk comfortably in.


Day 2

Day 2 was our exploration day, we had a lot of places to see. I needed to wear something practical and easy. My favourite denim romper from Zara was the perfect option – it has a number of pockets for easy access and is loosely fitted. I paired this denim wonder with a trendy off-shoulder crop top from Missguided. Ever since white trainers became a ‘thing’ they haven’t left the fashion scene. They tend to exude that sports lux feel – the love child of sports and sexy.


After a long day exploring Budapest and eating some of the local food, we wanted an evening of peace and quiet. What better place enjoy a delicious cuisine than the hotel’s very own restaurant – Kollazs. For this dinner, I wanted an outfit that was classy but not over the top. Now to achieve this look with a denim jumpsuit can be a bit tricky, the jumpsuit alone will not be enough pull it all together. This will have to be group effort, yes i am talking about shoes, bag, and hair , the whole shebang! I held my braids back in a ponytail – nothing screams classy as a sleek clean facial look. For the shoes and bag, I chose my timeless black sandals with my simple black tote. I kept the make up and jewelry to a minimum, the look was just perfect!


Day 3

The last day of our trip we had a bit of time before heading to the airport. One of my favourite trends this season is the stripped shirt. Although I do not particularly like shirt dresses, there was something about this stripped shirt dress that I could not resist. I am not sure what it was, perhaps the pockets on the dress? I am a sucker for pockets on dresses.  Or maybe it was the beautifully shaped hem lines; whatever it was, it was enough to bring it along with me on.

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