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Happy New Year everyone and welcome back or if you are new, then welcome to my blog. I know I have been away for some time, but I took a 4 week Christmas/new year vacation which I just returned from. I had the most amazing time, and I will share pictures on my Instagram overtime :).

My first blog post of this year is a fashion collaboration with the London brand Motel Rocks. I was quite excited to do this collaboration as this is brand that I have shopped from in the past.

You can never go wrong with a polka dot dress, it is a classic pattern that will stand the test of the ever-changing trendy climate. I don’t know about you, but when I go shopping, I covet items that I can wear in a number of way; yes, I love getting my money’s worth. Link to dress here.

The Summer Dress

This is the perfect holiday getaway dress. I know you might be thinking  “spring/summer is not for another couple of months” but there nothing wrong in planning ahead especially with a such a steal as this dress. Time flies and before you know it, the warmer months will be here. Also, the beauty of this dress is also in its versatility; it can also be worn during the colder months (scroll down to see how I’d style this gorgeous number for winter).

The fabric is soft to touch and light as feather. The ruffle cuts along the collar and hem lines add that extra flirty feel and Spanish flair to an otherwise plain polka dot dress. It is usually the intricate details that make all the difference in an outfit and this dress is no different.

I am 5ft8 and the length is as short as I am willing to allow. So, if you are much taller than myself, then I will recommend wearing it with leggings or tights.



Beach cover up

The added wrap feature makes it the perfect beach cover up – it is to easy slip on and off.

Standing on solidified lava from the Mount Cameroon volcano


The Black beaches of Limbe, Cameroon

Other ways to wear the Polka Dot Dress:

Layering up for the winter.

This sub section reminds of the common debate of which is do you prefer, cold or hot weather. The common choice from mostly English people is cold weather and the argument is that you can always layer up and eventually be warm. The counter argument is that if it is too hot, I can be harder to get cooler. But as a child of the tropics, I will always prefer hot over cold lol.

The light fabric of the dress makes it the perfect piece to layer up on. I find that if I have a bulky piece like a chunky knit, I am restricted to pairing it up with an oversize coat to allow room for movement. Layering up is exactly how I will style this beauty. I’d throw on a pair of thigh high boots, with beautiful a cross body bag and a structured coat et voila, ready to go.

Retro feel

A polka dot piece is one of those pieces that you can style in stereotypical vintage ensemble or something more modern.

For that retro look, I’d pair it with a pair of red pumps, bold red lipstick, biker jacket, round sunnies and an alternative fabric clutch.


More pictures

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