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Like most people, the items in my work bag often vary depending on my plans for the day; for example if I am going out for dinnerย after work then I would probably have ‘more than usual’ make up ad-ons for minor touch ups. However for the sake of relevance and simplicity, I would keep the items down to the essentials. I enjoy reading these types of blog post and looking at the pictures taken by others. It is always very interesting to see what you have in common with total strangers; in some cases 90% of what they have, I have it too and in other timees I think to myself “why will you carry that around?” ๐Ÿ˜€ .

In all my years of reading similar blog posts or watching Youtube videos, I have never seen one that is targeted for the working woman. So I decided go ahead and share with you guys what ‘s in my bag.


Phone / Ipod

Probably the most obvious item in most people’s bags. We all depend on our phones so much it is hard to imagine what will we do without them moving forward. Whether we are setting up appointments or checking our emails, a phone is just an essential that most of us cannot do without. My most used apps on my phone are my S planner, email, memo and Instagram – my go-to styling hub. ย If you also happen to be a music junkie like myself then you love listening to music on the go. Personally, I prefer listening to music and podcasts on my ipod; I can’t afford to have my phone battery dying on me when I am on the go. Honestly these batteries have a shorter life span than the did. Such a shame!

Handwipes / Tissues

Handwipes are an absolute must for me. Yes it is customary to wash your hands before meals and that can easily be done in the bathrooms or kitchens. But handwipes are really for emergency situations; if you do a lot of commuting, you might not always have a bathroom available to wash your hands before having a snack like say crisps.ย Can you imagine the excess oil on your fingers? Yes you would need some handwipes to clean your hands. Atlernatively, having tissues are really usefully particulary if, like me, you are prone to hayfever. It can be so annoying when you want to sneeze or blow your nose and you don’t hand have some tissues at hand. In addition they come in all shapes and sizes; regardless of the occasion, they are bound to fit in your bag.


For many of us i.e. people of colour, when do we not moiturise after applying soap anywhere on our bodies, the skin tends to look ashy. Ever sinced i was a kid, I always moisturised. Besides trying to avoid ashy skin, moisturisation has a lot of benefits such as healthy and glowing skin. If I ever forgot to moisturise after washing my hands, they would feel super dry. So a handcream is a must.


Brain Vomit Note Book

This is my book of ideas, mostly blogging ideas but it also includes things I want to do and places I want to visit . Okay I know that having a note book is percieved as being a bit redundant when you own a smart phone and only many levels that is probably true. But I am a little bit old-fashion in a number of ways. I prefer writing down my ideas and things I want to accomplish rather than putting it on phone. Honestly, it is just a preference.


Your monthly or bi-monthly read – The Goodย Book

I am not much of a reader, actually i dislike reading, but only because it takes ages for me to get through a book. ย I prefer watching videos (documentaries, films etc) about a particular story or topic. But as life would have it, not everything in writing is made into video. It is important however to read at least one book in one or two months, particularly one that adds value to your life. ย At the moment I am reading “It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be ” by Paul Arden.

A great alternative to self development books, if you don’t like reading as much, is listening to podcasts. There are a bunch of very good podcasts on itunes and other other apps. It can be quite daunting figuring out which ones you like. You may have to make a mental list of quite a few before finding the one you like.ย Trush me though, it is all worth it. In addition, most of them, come free of charge.



This is pretty much a given, I don’t think much write up is needed other than asking “How do you go about organising your cards and money if you don’t own a wallet?” Infact where do you keep them if not in a wallet?


Make up

This is not a full on make up kit or bag, heck I don’t even carry my make up bag unless i am going on trips. This section refers to a make up touch up kit and for ย me that would be my blotting papers and lipstick. I don’t tend to reapply makeup later on during the day, I find that my Lancome 24hr Teint Idole is indeed long lasting. One of my mainย issues is usually oily skin, hence the need for my blotting papers. As for lipstick, well after all the numerous talking and cups of tea, some lipstick is bound to rub off.


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  1. Damilola
    7 months ago

    Brain vomit notebook got me.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚. I also love to write down my ideas though, it’s more practical for me. Nice post๐Ÿ‘.


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